About WxIntegrations

Our Company

WxIntegrations is a weather analytics company that provides critical weather information for businesses, communities, and individuals. We produce forecasts, reports, and notifications that are tailored to focus on your unique challenges. Our notifications provide recommendations on how you might alter your plans and processes based on the weather forecast.



Advancing weather-related decisions.


Proactive notice of weather risks and optimal weather opportunities to increase net profits.



While the abbreviation of Wx for Weather has become more common with the advent of Social Media and the use of hashtags, the history of the Wx abbreviation actually dates back to the invention of Morse Code. Morse Code was invented by Samuel Morse in 1836 when he demonstrated the ability of a telegraph system to transmit information over wires. The telegraph sender tapped out words through a series of “dits and dahs” for the receiver to transcribe into letters and words. Using the abbreviation WX instead of WEATHER shortened telegraph messages. Now with social media, we are reusing many of those old abbreviations including Wx for Weather.


The word “Integrations” describes the core of our products and services. Our approach is to identify processes that will enable our clients to leverage weather data effectively. In other words, we actively integrate weather data into your business operation, and into your daily life.