Tropical Storm Harvey is finally starting to move which will be welcomed news for East Texas and Southwest Louisiana as we see an end in sight to the rain. Unfortunately, the heavy rain will start moving into Northern Louisiana and Arkansas.


Historic Rains and Flooding in East Texas

Harvey has dumped copious rainfall in Texas over the past 5 days. The graphic below shows just in the past 24 hours (since Monday Morning at 8 AM CDT) an additional 6 to 16 inches of rain. This is on top of the rainfall received Friday and through the weekend.

24 hour precipitation totals in East Texas and southwest Louisiana Monday morning to Tuesday morning ending august 29th 2017

Plus we saw an area of 6 – 16 inches of rain in Southwest Louisiana with the outer rain band.

This is a look at the rain gauges totals for this event ending at 9:19 am Tuesday 8/29/2017. Several locations in the southern part of Harris County have seen over 40 inches of rainfall. That is an incredible amount of rain in a 5-day period which is why we are seeing historic flooding.

Zoom on Harvey storm total with Harris county flood control district automated rain gauges ending 9 20 am Tuesday August 29th 2017


So many rivers are approaching have already exceeded Record Levels including many points in the San Jacinto Basin which flows in on the north Side of Houston. There are many ranches on the north side.  So we know we have widespread flooded pastures and fields.

East fork of San Jacinto River at Cleveland Texas at 830 am Tuesday August 29th 2017


The graphic above shows the East Fork of the San Jacinto at Cleveland. There is a glimmer of hope as the river appears to have crested and is about to fall below the previous record flood stage. (It blasted the old record by ~ 2.2 ft!)


More Rain to Come for Texas and Louisiana

Sadly, we have another 2 days of rainfall for East Texas and Southwest Louisiana. We expect ANOTHER 4 to 12+ inches in these areas before the rain finally starts to move out on Friday.

3 day rainfall forecasts for Harvey Tuesday Morning August 29th through Friday Morning September 1.


Arkansas Heads Up – Flooding rains headed your way

As Harvey finally starts to lift north on Thursday and into Friday, the storm will bring HEAVY rain to parts of Arkansas and Northern Louisiana. Rainfall amounts by Friday morning will be 3 to 7+ inches across much of Southern and Eastern Arkansas. 


RANCHERS…start moving cattle TODAY out of low lying areas. Also, consider moving your hay to higher ground to prevent it from being flooded.


Purdue has some good information for livestock owners of how to prepare and respond to floods.


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