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Tomorrow, Saturday Nov 19 at 542 pm EST will be a historic moment for the meteorology and satellite communities with the launch of GOESR/GOES16. This is the next generation satellite that will offer significant advances in our suite of satellite products. The information from GOES16 will come online in the spring of 2017.


How WxIntegrations will use GOES R data.

At WxIntegrations, we are excited to be able to incorporate the GOESR data into our algorithms to improve our products and ultimately provide better client decision tools.  Some of the “cool” enhanced data sets include 4 times the resolution for all satellite images. This includes better soil moisture and temperature. With this increase in resolution we will truly be at the farm level with satellite data measurements.

In addition the new Lightning Mapper data will help with heads up warning of the potential of cloud to ground lightning, which will help you remain safe when outdoors.

For more information about GOESR see http://www.goes-r.gov/   

Our Promise

The team at WxIntegrations will continue to provide relevant information and resources to help you better understand and prepare by incorporating weather impacts into your planning and response.

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