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New WxAction Alerts

  • Hotwire/Electrical Fence Ice Accumulation alert (Risk) – Heads up for when ice accumulations may cause electric fence wires to sag allowing livestock to escape.
  • Ice Accumulation Alert (Risk) – Heads up on when ice accumulations may impact your daily routine.
  • Snow Accumulation Alert (Risk) – Heads up on when snow accumulations over the next 3 days may impact your daily routine.

WxAction Alerts Coming Soon

  • Maple Tap Alert (Opportunity) – Heads up for Maple Syrup producers of when conditions are good for tapping 
  • Combined Risk and Opportunity Herbicide Alert – This alert will look at the full spectrum to help spray operations have a bigger picture glance of when conditions are good for herbicide applications vs poor.
  •  2,4-D Herbicide Alert – This alert builds on our General Herbicide (Risk and Opportunity Alert) to allow for a special area to be outlined if you are concerned for your herbicide to drift onto a specialty crop, neighbor’s land.

Message from Elise Schultz WxIntegrations CTO

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