Tropical Storm Harvey is forecast to become a category 1 hurricane before it slams into the Texas Coast near Corpus Christi, Saturday Morning (August 26th). While a category 1 hurricane is the lowest wind strength level of a hurricane, forecast sustained winds of 85 mph and gusts to 105 mph will cause damage.  

Tropical System Harvey Forecast track issued 8 am CT August 24 2017


Heavy Rain is a Threat

One of biggest concerns with Harvey; however, is the VERY HEAVY rainfall amounts.  Harvey is expected to produce total rain accumulations of 10 to 15 inches with isolated maximum amounts of 25 inches over the Texas coast through next Wednesday. Unfortunately, once Harvey comes on shore, it will slow down in the northwest movement and actually hover over southeast Texas for several days.  

Some meteorology models are showing that Harvey gets caught in a stagnate area in the mid-level atmospheric pattern. This could cause the remnants of Harvey to hang over the South Texas Coast well into mid-week next week. So we are looking potentially 5+ days of heavy rainfall with the Harvey.   

7 day forecast rainfall totals expected with Harvey issued Aug 24 2017 7 am CT


Ranchers Plan for Flooded Pastures

Texans have seen this type of situation all too frequently where tropical systems just hang over a location and continue to cause tropical rainfall over the same location leading to significant flooding in pasture fields and rivers.

Ranchers if your livestock is in lower lying areas, you need to move them to higher ground TODAY.

Ranchers prepare for flooded pastures, move livestock to higher ground.

Sadly just last year East Texas was recovering from flooding. Drovers has some good reminders of what to watch for from a disease perspective  

Dr. Terry Hensley, assistant director of the laboratory and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service veterinarian, College Station. “When you have this much rain, it disturbs the soil and brings a host of bacterial spores, like Clostridium, to the surface, which can then be washed from pasture to pasture.”

Texas AgriLife has some good information to help ranchers prepare for and recover from Hurricanes.


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