Irma will impact a large part of Florida. While the current forecast as of 8 am EDT Saturday, September 9, 2017, has Irma coming ashore in East Central Florida. This is a massive storm and will cause heavy rain and tropical storm force winds for those that are even 100 miles and farther from the center. Irma will not only impact most of Florida but tropical storm force winds will impact Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama and possibly into Tennessee, Tennessee and impact people in South.


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GrowCaster has several WxAction alerts that will keep you informed of Irma’s impact for your specific location. We have several strong wind alerts that look at sustained wind speeds and gusts including our Hurricane Force Wind alert that notifies you if you will experience Hurricane force winds at YOUR location. We also have a heavy rain alert that gives a heads up when you will see a multi-day heavy rainfall event. (This will be especially useful for those in Georgia, North and South Carolina, and even into Tennessee and Alabama remnants of Irma may linger. With each of our alerts, we provide actions that you should consider to be proactive for this event. 

WxAction Alerts for near Duck Key FL in the Florida Keys this morning (Saturday, September 9, 2017). 

Example of the WxAction Alerts from the Florida Keys Saturday September 9, 2017 with Hurricane Irma

WxGlance forecast for the same location – It is unnerving to see those rainfall amounts and winds speeds explicitly in the forecast.

WxGlance forecast for the Florida Keys on Sat September 9 2017


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Irma Forecast track issued 8 am Saturday, September 9th, 2017

Irma forecasts issued 8 am EDT September 9, 2017


Rainfall forecasts through next Saturday morning show widespread 4+ inches of rain over Georgia, much of South Carlina and Florida. Florida and Georgia will see much higher amounts with the potential of 10+ inches. 

 seven day rainfall forecasts with Irma through Saturday September 16, 2017


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The team at WxIntegrations will continue to provide relevant information and resources to help you better understand and prepare by incorporating weather impacts into your planning and response. 

Our GrowCasterTM tool is the essential weather decision tool for farmers and ranchers that is tailored to their specific operations. With GrowCasterTM, farmers and ranchers can leverage the weather forecast opportunities and risks to improve their bottom line. Register for our FREE TRIAL today.

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