Be Confident you are within prescription criteria before you burn


WxIntegrations Announces Three New Alerts for Prescribed Burners


Knowing the expected weather conditions during and after a prescribed burn is critical for your safety and the success of the burn. Whether you are a trained Fire Boss/ part of a Fire Crew, a landowner that has done prescribed burning for years or someone who is just starting to use prescribed fire in your forage and crop management cycle, ensuring that you burn within your prescription criteria or your key weather parameters for your specific location is vital.


First and foremost for my burn unit, I look at wind speeds…humidities and temperatures…with more emphasis on relative humidity as that is going to tell fuel moisture and how the fire will behave and the potential for spotfires.”


John Weir, Prescribed Burn Expert and Extension Instructor, Natural Resource Ecology and Management at Oklahoma State University


WxIntegrations has teamed our experience as a local program leader with the National Weather Service Fire Weather forecast program with experts from the Noble Research Institute, Oklahoma State University, Kansas Prescribed Burning Council and Bureau of Indian Affairs to develop several Opportunity and Risk Prescribed Burn WxAction alerts. We have two Opportunity alerts that notify individuals when the weather parameters are within their prescription criteria.

  • Prescribed Burn – Expert – Opportunity focused for those that are well experienced in prescribed burning including state and federal agencies. There are three separate alerts that focus on the different seasonal conditions (Spring is Feb 1 – May 15, Summer is May 16 – Sept 30, Winter is Oct 1 – Jan 31)
  • Prescribed Burn – Landowner – Opportunity – For landowners that have training and experience with burns.

The opportunity alerts evaluate wind speeds, relative humidity, and temperatures and notify you by the day and hour if you are within the recommended prescription criteria. If you have specific prescription criteria for your location/burn unit, we can customize these values to meet your needs. Just give us a call once you start your GrowCaster Basic subscription and Diane would be happy to set up your custom WxAction Prescribed Burn alert.  


The Prescribed burn – Out of Prescription Criteria – Risk is for all levels of experience and will notify when the wind and relative humidity forecast parameters are not within prescription criteria. The weather criteria in this Risk Alert is well below the National Weather Service Fire Weather Watch and Red Flag Warnings (Those are focused on the potential of rapidly spreading wildfires and not focused on the needs of those doing prescribed burns.)

These Prescribed Burn WxAction Alerts are a part of our GrowCaster 14-day free trial, so you can try it immediately.


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When you register you will have the option to select your interest category. These Prescribed Burn WxAction Alerts are part of the Livestock, No-Till and Conventional interest categories.

An example of these Alerts are shown belowExample of Prescribed Burn WxAction Alerts


The compliment WxGlance forecast for this WxAction Prescribed Burn Alerts. Note: Our forecast data is hourly data and has additional weather parameters than what is displayed in the WxGlance Forecast.


WxGlance Forecast to complement the time and location of the Prescribed burn Alerts


Start putting the weather to work for YOU by knowing when the weather conditions will be more conducive for you to perform a burn. Start your Growcaster free trial today to have your customized weather forecast delivered to your Inbox Daily.


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The team at WxIntegrations will continue to provide relevant information and resources to help you better understand and prepare by incorporating weather impacts into your planning and response. 

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