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What is a GrowCaster Product Tester?

Product Tester is an individual who evaluates and provides feedback on GrowCaster features and WxAction Alerts before they are released to all GrowCaster clients.


Who is Ideal Product Tester?


An IDEAL product tester is a farmer or rancher who enjoys being on the cutting edge of new products and services. Does this sound like you?  Can you provide constructive and honest feedback? Will you explain how GrowCaster impacts your daily operations?  Are you willing to share your practical on the farm experiences?  If YES, then YOU are an IDEAL product tester. APPLY Today


You do not need to have YEARS of farming experience. We value the wisdom and insight of both new and seasoned farmers and ranchers. All levels of experience will be able to provide useful feedback, ideas, and generate great questions.

We seek individuals that have diverse operations as well as individuals that have specific operational needs.

Currently, we need testers to evaluate our following new WxAction Alerts:

  • Hay Operations
  • Prescribed Burning


Be notified of the opportune hay cutting and baling times in your forecast with the new WxAction Hay Alert. If you grow hay (Bermuda, alfalfa, natural grasses, etc.), we want your feedback to continue to improve this new alert that can assist you in achieving optimum nutrient content in your bales.


If you do prescribed burning, our new Prescribed Burning Risk and Opportunity WxAction Alerts will provide insight of when weather conditions will be in your favor to perform a burn vs. when you may be at risk for a prescribed burn to turn into a wildfire.


We will interview all applicants to see if you are a good match for our Product Tester Program.


While we are not able to change the weather, we provide information for you to be proactive and leverage the opportune weather days while minimizing your risk.  GrowCaster changes how you use weather forecasts in your daily farming operations. We need YOUR HELP to identify how the weather impacts you and how you can adjust your daily activities to put the weather to work for you.  

What are some ideas for feedback?


We appreciate feedback on any element of GrowCaster including daily emails, web application, your experience in working with us, etc.

Specific ideas include:

  • What new WxAction Alerts would you find useful?
  • How can we modify the “actions to consider” wording so that it more effectively aligns with your operations?
  • Is there additional weather information you would like to see?
  • What additional information would be helpful?
  • Are there layout changes that would make the email easier to read, etc.?

These are just a few ideas. We want honest and constructive feedback. If you do not like something, please tell us why. If you LOVE something, we also want to know why as well including the story or testimonial of how use used the product. Your testimonials provide fellow farmers ideas for how they can use GrowCaster and leverage the weather.


What is my time commitment?


Your time commitment includes the time it will take to fill out a short online evaluation form or send us an email with your feedback about once per week.


The length of your Product Tester commitment depends on you and your operations. Some of our previous product testers helped with final testing of alerts for specific operations. While other product testers have more diverse operations and work with us for a longer period.


At any point during your product tester commitment, you can change your participation to a monthly subscription. WxIntegrations also reserves the right to cancel your product test account at any time.

We would Love to talk to you more about our GrowCaster Testing Team

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