The Team

Diane Cooper

Diane Cooper

Founder and CEO

As CEO, Diane leads the operational, financial, human resources and legal areas of the company as well as works with clients to identify new features and product ideas.

With her 20 years with the National Weather Service, she is skilled in model analysis, the production of weather forecasts, and understands the information behind the forecasts and real-time observations datasets. In addition, she has worked with individuals and communities to identify solutions for their weather and hydrology risks and concerns. Diane has a passion for weather and hydrology and leveraging her background and knowledge to assist people in making informed decisions.

Diane also has 2 years non-profit executive council experience with the National Weather Association, 2 years of involvement on the NWA Marketing and Membership committee and oversaw the formal establishment of the NWA’s social media presence.

Diane obtained a Masters in Entrepreneurship in 2014 and a BS in Meteorology from Pennsylvania State University in 1995. She is also a licensed floodplain manager (ASFPM License US-13-07069, OFMA OK-13-00028) and a Master Gardener – OSU Extension, Payne Co.