This week, Aug 6 – 12th is National Farmers Market Week. So for Today’s Tuesday Thoughts we are focusing on Farmers Markets.

If you are a farmer’s market organizer – do you have a severe weather plan?

Do provide information to your vendors about the expected weather on Farmers Market day and work with them to ensure their tents and displays are anchored and weighted properly?

On those HOT Summer days, are you prepared if a market visitor has heat stress?

Fundamentally – Are you being proactive to ensure the safety of your clients and vendors?

With GrowCaster WxAction alerts and our WxGlance Forecast, you will be prepared for whatever the weather may bring on Famer’s Market Day. Learn more about GrowCaster or start your Free Trial today.

Earlier this year our CEO, Diane Cooper, attended the Oklahoma Farmers Market and AgriTourism conference. She was able to speak with Farmer’s Market organizers and Vendors at the WxIntegrations booth and learn about some of their unique weather related concerns and challenges, especially from a weather safety perspective.  In addition to learning from people at the booth, she was also able to attend several of the session. In the video, she shares some of her takeaways.

What is the Tuesday Thoughts Series?

Tuesday Thoughts is a series in which we share insights from weather information, tidbits about us, as well as business tips. So watch for the #TuesdayThoughs hashtag! 

Our Promise

The team at WxIntegrations will continue to provide relevant information and resources to help you better understand and prepare by incorporating weather impacts into your planning and response. 

Our GrowCasterTM tool is the essential weather decision tool for farmers and ranchers that is tailored to their specific operations. With GrowCasterTM, farmers and ranchers can leverage the weather forecast opportunities and risks to improve their bottom line. Register for our FREE TRIAL today.

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