A low pressure system in the southern Mississippi Valley along with a persistent upper level trough in the east is causing a band of precipitation to extend from Texas into North Carolina and Virginia this morning.



The precipitation for areas in Tennessee, Georgia and west is falling as rain. However once you get on the east side of the Application Mountains, the below freezing cold air is being trapped and snow and freezing rain is occurring in Maryland, Virginia and parts of North Carolina.



Ice and Snow Potential

Conditions will continue to deteriorate through the day as the low moves farther east and the precipitation shield moves farther north into the sub-freezing temperatures. Through Tuesday morning, portions of Western Virginia, Maryland and south-central Pennsylvania have an increased risk of seeing at least a quarter of an inch of ice in addition to several inches of snow.  

ice today


Farther north, into western Pennsylvania, New York and parts of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, the precipitation will mainly be snow. Areas shaded in the lighter blues have the greatest risk of receiving at least 4 inches of snow with likely localized higher amounts for this afternoon into Tuesday.

snow today


For the ice and snow potential today and into Tuesday, the National Weather Services has issued Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories for much of the East.

winter storm warn and adv


Warming Temperatures on Tuesday

For Tuesday, conditions will improve as the weather pattern becomes more complex. Unlike a traditional Nor’easter that tends to ride northeast along the coast, this low will remain well inland.

Since the center of the low is inland, warmer air will return for the east. This will be welcomed after record cold temperatures of below zero on Sunday. Highs on Tuesday will rebound into the mid 40’s to mid 50’s across parts of eastern New England which is a 50 to 60+ degree temperature change from lows on Sun.  So with the exception of areas near the Great Lakes and higher elevations, the precipitation will transition to rain.

Tues Highs


For those in the Winter Storm Warning areas, plan to limit travel, especially in locations that will receive ice. If you must travel, double check your car’s winter safety kit. Also consider adding extra weight to your back tires to improve traction and take a bag of sand or kitty litter in case you need get stuck and need to add something “gritty” to the road.

Since Ice accumulations of 0.25” of freezing rain/ice can bring down powerlines,  double check your home storm kit to ensure that you are prepared if you lose power.  Also, if your home is heated by electricity, do you have alternate sources of heat which may include logs for a fireplace?

Our Promise

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