WxIntegrations announce another GrowCaster enhancement – the new Hourly WxAction Alert Forecast Graphic.



The WxAction alerts in the text below compliment the graphic above.

Example Growcaster text based WxAction Alerts

Example GrowCaster WxAction text based alertsThese WxAction Alerts are based on the forecast for October 9, 2017, for a location in Alabama.


This graphic displays all of the alerts that are active for your location and shows when they are active over the next 7 days. We modified the alert names for the graphic so the compliment risk and opportunity alert would show on the same line in the graphic. The goal is to graphically show how the weather conditions evolve through each day for the 7-day period. In the example, graphic the Spray Herbicide risk and opportunity alerts are combined. This will also apply for the Prescribed Burn Landowner and Expert alerts. For the specific hour details of when the alerts are active, simply reference the text-based information below the graphic. The goal of the graphic is to provide an overview of the WxAction alerts through the week.

With GrowCaster WxAction alerts, you can be confident that you are leveraging the weather to your advantage while minimizing the risk. Start your GrowCaster Free Trial today and see how GrowCaster WxAction Alerts delivered daily to your email inbox will save you time and money.


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 Our Promise

The team at WxIntegrations will continue to provide relevant information and resources to help you better understand and prepare by incorporating weather impacts into your planning and response. 

Our GrowCasterTM tool is the essential weather decision tool for farmers and ranchers that is tailored to their specific operations. With GrowCasterTM, farmers and ranchers can leverage the weather forecast opportunities and risks to improve their bottom line. Start your Growcaster free trial and have your customized Weather Alerts and Forecast delivered to your Inbox Daily.

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