Just in time for your last minute holiday shopping, WxIntegrations announces the release of GrowCaster.


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GrowCaster is the perfect gift for that hard to shop for Farmer and Rancher. You are giving the insight of the weather. With leveraging the weather to their advantage while decreasing the risk, you are giving your special farmer/rancher tools to increase profits in 2017. Start a free trial today.

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To celebrate the holiday season, we have a special coupon code “holiday” which is $5 off the introductory rate of $20/mo for the first month, plus the 14 day free trial period. Coupon valid through Dec 31, 2016.

2016 GrowCaster Holiday Coupon

What is Growcaster?

GrowCaster is a customizable farm-level WxAction Alerts and WxGlance forecast tool. GrowCaster provides farmers and ranchers the advanced notice that they need to plan for and respond to whatever the weather has in store in the next week. It is delivered to the convenience of your email inbox each day…so you do not have to learn a new app.

GrowCaster provides:

  • WxAction Alerts that notify you when the weather may impact your operations. Alerts include:
    • Good and poor times for herbicides and fertilizers spraying operations
    • When specific precipitation amounts are forecast
      • rainfall amounts
      • Snowfall amountscoming soon
      • Ice accumulationscoming soon
    • Frost and freeze situations
    • Extreme Cold
    • Strong Winds
    • Intense heat—for proactive measures to prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke (for when those warm temperatures return)
  • WxAction alerts assist you to identify when the weather might provide an opportunity to perform your farming and ranching operations in “ideal” weather conditions
  • Set alert date ranges to customize WxAction Alerts to your operation schedules (i.e. only receive herbicide alerts when you generally apply herbicide) (not available in the free trial)
  • Experts to help with setup and customization
  • Weather forecasts and alerts delivered to your email inbox.
  • Field-level WxGlance forecasts that provides day and night weather forecast for the next week.

With GrowCaster Basic you can enable or disable any WxAction Alerts to customize your email and focus only on the alerts that apply to your operations.

Finally, you can add an additional email recipient to your daily email to ensure that others are informed of how the weather might impact your operations.

For more information about our Features see https://www.wxintegrations.com/growcaster-info/


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